Make a recycled snowman christmas tree decoration craft

As you may know by now we love to recycle and come up with new creative ways to reuse items, We seem to have quite a few white plastic lids (mainly from nutella pots) and we thought we would make a simple snowman christmas decoration.

This craft is great for young ones or toddlers and can be an ideal group project. It will help with hand and eye coordination as well as being creative and using their imaginations to create a snowman character, this could easily be applied to card to make a christmas card too!

What you will need:

  • Plastic white lid
  • googly eyes
  • felt piece or orange card
  • black card
  • ribbon
  • glue/cellotape
  • scissors
  • marker pen
make a snowman decoration

Step 1:

Stick down two googly eyes on to the inside of the white lid, this could be glued or by using pel back stickers.

how to make a snowman decoration

Step 2:

Cut out a carrot shape from some crap orange felt or card, use your marker or felt pen to make the details on the nose then stick on to the lid with some glue.

how to make a snowman decoration

Step 3:

Use a marker pen or felt pen to draw the snowman's mouth. You could also use little black buttons and glue in place.

how to make a snowman decoration

Step 4:

Cut out a hat shape in black card, stick some ribbon to create detail. Glue or cellotape in place.

how to make a snowman decoration
how to make a snowman decoration

Step 5:

Make a loop with the remaining ribbon and cellotape to the back of the lid so you can hang up in your tree.

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quick snowman craft

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